Bill Maher, Contemporary Bigot

I’ve already ranted about this guy on the same subject (here and here), so this will be brief.

On this week’s “show,” Maher again went after southerners, repeating every known stereotype in a “humorous” bit about Alabama outlawing sex shops. Using various props, he repeated such classist stereotypes as rural southerners screwing their relatives, wearing overalls and love affair with the KKK. Then, he threw in the humorous suggestions that we masturbate with corn cobs, use grease for lubrication and turn jumper cables into nipple clamps.

You may think this is funny, and I’m willing to grant a comedian license. But Maher is a social commentator — a liberal to boot — and his relentless put downs of southern people from his intellectual pedestal is hypocrisy gone to seed.

Let me repeat myself. Why are rural southerners fair game when blacks, Polish people, Italians, Jews, gays, and women are not? Bigotry, however it’s disguised, is still bigotry.


  1. Wait — I can’t tell Jewish jokes anymore?

  2. Maher shouts about his high intelligence while spewing hate and complete ignorance ( Everyone needs to stop calling him a liberal. It is insulting to everyone capable of rational logic.

  3. Why is Southern bigotry okay when slurs against “blacks, Polish people, Italians, Jews, gays, and women are not”?

    Well, first of all, as far as Bill Maher is concerned, misogyny is A‑OK. A bigger “liberal” sexist pig with a mainstream megaphone I’ve not seen, and that’s a pretty inclusive bunch.

    Secondly, slurs against blacks, Poles, Italians, Jews, and gays have a much longer history, and thus they deserve more room for the “whoa, hold on there a second” factor, than does US regional bigotry.

    Thirdly, let’s face it: Southern US states deserve at least part of what they’re dished out. (And I say this as a lifelong resident of Appalachia.) There’s still a bit of a stench from that whole Civil-War/slavery thing that clings to the Deep South, and it doesn’t matter that you can find folks who are at least as racist in the Midwest or the Northeast. Then there’s the additional ignorance factor of comprising the Bible Belt.

  4. Try as I might to warm up to the southern ‘culture’, it continues to leave me cold. The problem of good old boy networks is blatant everywhere I’ve been in the South. Once people have your confidence, then the racism starts to flow. Worst of all, the ‘unpretentious’ style that so many aspire to is usually no more than cultural validation of ignorance. Scorn for education and xenophobia are rampant. And sadly, the famous southern hospitality seems to have gone the way of the Edsel.

    By the way, Polish people are known as “Poles”, the capital “P” should eliminate confusion; maybe even for Southerners.

  5. BILL MARTIN says

    I AM TIRED OF BILL MAHER. His anti Clinton and Mc Cain remarks have made me loose respect for him . He desperately needs ratings now that the writers strike has dimiinished his ratings. Barack Obama is hardly worthy of the praise Bill Maher directs toward him. This is a survival tactic of Bill Maher for his show’s survival. I hope his ratings on HBO tanks. I will not watch him anymore.
    Berkeley, CA

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