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Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft to return to Silicon Valley as a video blogger for start-up PodTech. According to its Website, “PodTech is a media company dedicated to podcasting. It is a producer, aggregator, and distributor of professional podcast content for audiences worldwide. Its media channels include PodTech News, PodTech InfoTalk™ Network, and PodTech Sponsorship Network.”

There are a lot of rumors flying around about Scoble being dissatisfied with Microsoft, but he’s adamantly denying them this morning. Regardless, this is a terrible blow to Microsoft, because Scoble has done more to soften their image with the tech community than any amount of money could’ve bought, and along the way, he’s written the book about corporate PR in the digital age.

Dave Winer is close to Scoble and suggests in his blog that there’s more to this than meets the eye:

It’s too bad Microsoft couldn’t bend more. I know that sounds arrogant, but I’m not modest about the changes brought about by blogging, RSS, podcasting, unconferences, etc. I’ve said it before, it’s not possible for Microsoft to embrace and extend this time, yet that’s how they’re playing it. It’s more likely to happen the other way, RSS will embrace and extend Microsoft, but I guess Microsoft is going to put that day off even further into its future. It’s already way late to acknowledge that the ideas that are shaping technology aren’t coming from Redmond, they aren’t even coming from companies.

A person like Scoble can have enormous influence just by adopting some very simple ideas. It’s the ideas that have power. But Microsoft hasn’t let the changes waft over them. They still think in old terms. I’m glad to see my old friend didn’t go down with the ship.

Nail Kennedy, a tech writer and guru who works with Scoble, says the new fit for Robert is perfect:
The news does not surprise me, as Scoble’s tour of corporate campuses and PR firms over the past year undoubtedly yielded some lucrative job offers. Working at PodTech allows Scoble to continue chatting about technology every day with executive clients of the corporate communication network. Scoble’s readership in the blogosphere will be a selling point for new clients. allowing them to have an amplified message in this new communication medium. PodTech is early stage and I’m sure Scoble has a good sized equity participation.
Why should anybody care about this, especially those readers of this blog firmly ensconced in the world of broadcasting? Anytime somebody of Scoble’s stature moves from big guy to little guy, there’s much more unsaid than said. This is a staggering loss for Microsoft, but for Scoble to leave to explore options as a video blogger ought to get the attention of the broadcasting community. If the Personal Media Revolution didn’t have a spokesperson before, it certainly has one now. It will be fascinating to watch what happens.

Congratulations, Robert. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of you. Also, congrats to John Furrier, PodTech’s founder and CEO.


  1. Video and audio blogging are fraught with many problems, but Scoble can probably help solve them all.

    The Content Anarchy Utopia revolution is already here. Any Content, Any Amount, Any Time, Any Format, Any Place.

    Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, in their book and blog, Naked Conversations (née The Red Couch) have issued the prophetic summons.

    And it’s not corporations, but entrepreneurs who are leading the charge.

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