Big news: Gannett funds Mogulus

In one of the smartest traditional media moves I’ve seen in recent years, Gannett has apparently bought into the live-streaming company Mogulus with a $10 million investment. Michael Arrington at TechCrunch is reporting the deal, and I think it’s pretty huge. Mogulus is a marvelous piece of technology that allows anyone with an air card or wireless connection to stream a live video signal to the Web. Rather than try and invent its own solution, Gannett has wisely gone after the market leader, and this portends good things for both Mogulus and Gannett.

Mogulus allows upstart video bloggers like Sarah Austin to host live video shows on a shoestring budget. But it also facilitates serious journalism. In May, for example, controversial statements made by Hillary Clinton on a Mogulus stream led to nationwide media coverage.

Gannett gets this. And i assume they’ll find ways to enable their reporters around the world to start using Mogulus to get video footage to the web as fast as possible when news breaks.

The Web has become increasingly video-centric as bandwidth has permitted it, and live is the next real challenge. YouTube is said to be working on a live solution. But Mogulus already does it well, so look for the their technology to be built into Gannett’s many traditional sites. And, perhaps more importantly, Gannett will be involved in the streaming of videos that go beyond its own traditional wants and needs, so it’s really a very smart investment for the company.

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