BIG news: AP taps Microsoft for online video net

In a joint announcement, The Associated Press and Microsoft MSN have announced that they will partner to deliver online video — complete with ads — to 3,500 AP member sites. I cannot possibly overstate the significance of this, because it brings newspapers and other print members of AP into the video advertising world. And in selecting MSN to deliver the technology, AP video will be delivered in high-end, extremely reliable form.

“We are thrilled to help The Associated Press bring online video to thousands of AP member Web sites,” said Todd Herman, director of advertising and business strategy for MSN Entertainment at Microsoft Corp. “The combination of AP news excellence and Microsoft scalable technology will enable our advertisers to better reach the huge audience of people who now turn primarily to the Internet for their information.”

Initially, AP will provide approximately 50 video clips per day covering national, international, entertainment, technology and business news. The AP Online Video Network will grow over time as network members and other content partners contribute their own video.

What’s missing here is the impact on AP’s broadcast partners, who will certainly be called upon to contribute to the network. One assumes that network news operations are or will become contributors, and this is certain to cause yet another shudder in an industry already reeling from network announcements to distribute programming content directly to users via the Web.

But the biggest impact here is the redistribution of video advertising revenue. That, my friends, is what to watch.


  1. Let me get this straight: AP will want my video so it can be distributed to other AP member sites, including those run by newspapers?


    I shudder to think how many broadcasters will think this is a good deal.

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