Big Buckin’ Chicken

I’m with the writer at Broadcasting and Cable’s blog, BC Beat, about Burger King’s latest (wonderful) ad campaign (youTube). I wonder how long it’ll be before the Parent’s Television Council complains to the FCC that “Big Buckin’ Chicken” is just, well, too close to something else. The national nanny would then step in and rule that any word ending in U‐C‐K would be added to George Carlin’s list of the words you can’t say on TV.

Burger King pushes the viral envelope better than any company in the U.S., starting with the famous Subservient Chicken and continuing with the gossipy pictures and videos of the King, first with Brooke Burke and now on Spring Break. Big Buckin’ Chicken is sure to do the same, assuming those who’ve taken it upon themselves to protect our ears from such can leave it alone.

Stay tuned…

BONUS: Steve Hall at Adrants spins the tale of the domain.


  1. I don’t mind edgy ads but this didn’t make me want to run out and eat up a big buckin chicken which is what I assume was their intended purpose.

    The interactive Subservient chicken has been done better.

  2. The NFL commericals with the King are awesome too. I especially like the one where they substitute the King for Dwight Clark in “the catch” footage with Joe Montana.

  3. http://john says

    I think the campaign is just plain stupid. If KFC had done it, it might make sense. At least they sell their chicken in a bucket. For BK, it was simply a cheap way to flirt with swearing on TV. Nothing more.

  4. http://db says

    This commercial is puerile in the extreme.
    OBVIOUSLY, some young ad drones sat around and thought first of the vulgarity, and THEN decided to build a lame‐o commercial around the phrase. Staying stuck in 6th Grade pays well these days.

  5. http://kristen says

    LAMELAMELAME…Is this commercial supposed to be creative? My 5 year old could come up w/ a better ad…I think it’s sick that tv pushes the line over and over…What a waste.

  6. I laugh my ass off each time the spot is played. It might be lame, but next time I have the choice, I’m stopping for a big _ucking chicken sandwich at BK.

  7. http://Mike says

    So if your five year old could come up with better than we did wy aren’t you riding in a limo…like us?

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