Well, the doctor finally called and everything — as suspected — is fine. Just a big, old fibroid tumor. Since my nipple has been (thankfully) in the prayers of many people, I thought a photo of the smiling fellow was in order. Very sore and bruised, but he’s a smiling little guy, eh?

I don’t have all the bills yet, but it looks like we’ll make it, thanks to the kindness of everybody who’s dropped cash into the tip jar. Your generosity — and your thoughtful comments — have helped me and my family more than you’ll ever know, and I thank God for each and every one of you.

Back to taking it easy.


  1. Hoory, Terry! We are relieved beyond words at the news.

    Now never show us your nipple again…

    Steve & Cory
    Lost Remote

  2. Terry — great to hear it all worked out. Hope to see ya at the next Gnomedex!

  3. Fantastic news!

    You bring new meaning to the phrase, “Putting your tit in a wringer.”

  4. Whew … Very glad for you and yours.

  5. On the upside, this is great news, and I’m really happy for you.

    On the downside, that picture is an image that I may trouble getting out of my mind. With those eyes, it looks like a really bad PBS kids show mascot.

    “Hi, I’m Nippie, and I want to be your friend!”

  6. You know, I never heard of you before, and I just surfed over from Jarvis’ blog, but that picture is so utterly hilarious and charming and mildly discombobulating that I’m very, very glad all is well with you, and hope it stays that way for a long, long time. Take care and happy Media!

  7. terry, that the breast news i heard all day. mel

  8. Great news, bro. Thank God! The nipple may be a little TMI pour moi. But you made me smile.

  9. It was the lucky hat…

  10. I guess those agnostic prayers stuck to something when I shot them up there.

    My public apology for being so caught up in the VJ world as to miss the drama around here this week. That nipple is almost close enough to the lens but not quite… at least in the Michael Rosenblum school of shooting.

  11. So glad to hear the good news. Cute pic.

  12. Glad to hear it.

  13. Great news Terry! Good for you.

  14. A little TMI on the picture, but fantastic news on the results and on the fact that we raised the money to help you.

    Is this a great tribe or what?

    Blessings to you. Get better fast.

  15. Such good news!

    Now, may you never share that image with someone in the airline seat next to you *grin*

  16. Terry, this is wonderful news. Now if I can just get that Cookie Monster image out of my head I will be fine. It is well worth having my retina burned knowing that you are well.

  17. Cookie Monster! THAT’S it! I’ve stared at it and stared at it, trying to figure out what it reminded me of. Thanks, Steve. (And I’m with you — I’ll take burned retinas for a benign path report any day.)

  18. Terry,
    Great news-cute nipple, does it wink?

  19. patricia benjamin says

    I only read these posts tonight but it seems someone has been hit with big med bills and there also seems to be somewhere to contribute to help out with them…but I don’t see a link or maybe am just too late..could someone please post it again? Thanks for the chance to get this off my chest as I am always a sucker for any kind of nipple/smiley face art..and am happy for the happy news..

  20. Great news!!

  21. I have admired your writings for some time now, and as a former TV news anchor and reporter I find your observations about New Media trends to be right on target. It’s great news that all turned out well with the surgery. I’m looking forward to your next essay on New vs. Old media. Keep up the good work and remember, you can always retire to Nipples, I mean Naples, Florida!

  22. awesome to hear that. i loved the pic too!!!!

  23. rugdesigner says

    Happy news to go along with the smiley face!

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