BBC Website crushed by traffic, but not RSS feeds

Here is a very important lesson for all media. The BBC’s Website, with its considerable bandwidth, couldn’t withstand the onslaught of traffic earlier today, and it went down. However, its RSS feeds continued, because, I’m told, they run off a different server.

This is important, I think, and it makes another case for full text RSS feeds. If you want to reduce the bandwidth demand on your Website, push the material out via RSS.

UPDATE: Vin Crosbie notes in the comments that reports of the BBC Website going down are erroneous. Thanks, Vin.


  1. Although the report in the Poynter Institute’s ‘E‐Media Tidbits’ weblog that went down is getting quite a bit of play within the blogshere, please note that it is neither true nor good journalism. It is based upon the experience of one person who couldn’t access the site from his London hotel room. It jumps to a wrong conclusion and wasn’t corroborated by anyone.

    Indeed, the folks at BBC News in London tell me that never went down. And in the comments section of the Poynter posting, you’ll now see word from the BBC about that.

    I suspect that the Poynter misreport was really due to that London hotel’s ISP, not the BBC, being overwhelmed.

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