BBC to live stream blockbuster sporting events

Rafat Ali at has a great post this morning about the BBC’s plans to live stream Wimbledon and the World Cup football tournament.

And yes, BBC admits it is aiming the online component for office workers, something which will bring those usual litany of complaints: “We know a lot of online viewing is done in the office, so we suspect this will allow people both to do their job and to keep up with the very latest action from Germany,” said Roger Mosey, the BBC’s director of sport.
The BBC is, of course, far ahead of U.S. television companies in new media efforts, because they are structured differently than pure for-profit plays. But I think this is a harbinger of things to come on two levels: one, the recognition that office workers have a life (and, I think, can work just fine in an environment that allows them the ability to take part in such important events), and, two, the increasingly evident reality that blockbuster sporting events cannot be delayed (and this has pretty profound ramifications for American TV’s Olympic years).

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