BBC research on Digital viewing trends

BBC research reveals four new TV viewing trends
Digital TV is a reality in parts of Europe. In Berlin, for example, analog broadcasting came to an end earlier this month. In the U.S., that’s unlikely to happen for another decade. They’re on pace in Great Britain to be all digital in 2 more years, so the BBC is researching trends for a digital universe. Ashley Highfield, Director of BBC New Media & Technology, told it like it is in a speech at the Royal Television Society on Monday. The speech is published in and is must reading for anybody doing television news these days. Highfield points to new BBC research that, he says, revealed four new and significant social trends that show that the way in which we consume TV is changing forever. “From this we have been able to start changing our programmes and content. Broadly these trends show that viewers are taking much more control of what and how they view, they’re joining in with their programmes, consuming more media simultaneously, and sharing all this content with each other.”

Each of these trends fits a Postmodern culture like the fingers of a glove. Technology has empowered the culture, and we want to exercise that empowerment by making our own information and entertainment decisions. It’s the Age of Participation. We want to interact with our world. Since we’re basing more and more of our decisions on our experiences, it’s vital that we experience as much as possible, and technology is allowing us to do more than one thing at a time. And since we know others who are similarly searching, we want to share those experiences with other members of the tribe or tribes that we’ve chosen.

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