Back on at higher speed

Can you see my dust?

I’m in my new office, and Jeff from Comcast came by to soup up my Internet connection. For an additional $10 a month, I have the Platinum Premium package, which I’d never heard of before. Whoosh! I just did Speakeasy tests, and I’m getting nearly 10 meg download speeds in locations and 7 kbs upload speed in all locations. The worse “here-to-there” problems for me are San Francisco and Seattle, but to the lush server farm locales in D.C. and New York, I’m getting 11 meg download speeds. Amazing!

Jeff told me that Comcast is going to 10 megs down and one meg up next year as their standard broadband package. This will enhance the development of video on the Web.

I’m happy to be back in business. Moving is a bitch. Boxes everywhere. Sore muscles and the constant thirst of dehydration. But the view from my window is westward, which I’ve always wanted. In Nashville, that means I can watch the storms move in. Great neighbors, too. The guy across the street is a real CSI. How cool is that?

Back to work.


  1. Terry,

    Glad you like your new digs. Let’s hope that your CSI-type neighbor ONLY visits non-professionally! 🙂

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