Back in the hospital

I should buy a lottery ticket. That was the reaction of my doctor to being admitted to the hospital again with another kidney stone episode, this time it’s my left kidney. I had both kidneys lithotripsied last month to remove large stones. In rare cases, a fragment is left over and causes problems later. I’ve had it happen with both kidneys now, and my doctor says, well, I’m just special.

Anyway, I should be home tomorrow. Meanwhile, I have my laptop and a good Verizon signal, so it’s just another day. Unless, of course, the pain comes back. This is a 4mm stone caught in my left ureter just below the kidney, so I have a nice dilaudid pump.

Better living through chemistry.


  1. yes, buy a lottery ticket… you never know!

    and think about keeping one of these “stones” and having it set in 14 or 18k. it would have quite the conversation piece.

    since you’re hanging out in an altered state today, check out an artist friend of mine who’s been known to do stuff like this… shamey(dot)com .

    does strange things with toothpicks, fruit pits, nickles… and, yes, jewels.

    wishing you well!

  2. Terry,
    What have you done to make the gods so mad, huh? Hope you are living a kidney stone free world soon. Take care.


  3. Chicken soup and a hug from PEI Terry — yours Rob

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