Auto dealers and the Web

Auto dealers and the Web
One of the most obvious paradigm shifts of the Postmodern culture is the degree to which car shopping has become an Internet experience. A new National Automobile Dealers Association survey shows 92 percent of all new car dealers have their own Websites now. That’s a record.

Of these sites, 99 percent are interactive, with most allowing car shoppers to view stock and MSRPs, fill out finance forms, and schedule sales and service appointments. Many others provide customers the convenience of ordering on-line and linking directly to related financial, insurance and auto sites. “The survey confirms that new car dealers are increasingly using the Internet to make the car-shopping process more convenient for their customers,” said NADA Chief Economist Paul Taylor. Dealers report their most common website interactions with customers are: responding to requests for price quotes and setting up service and sales appointments.
And of the eight percent that don’t have sites, half say they will have one within six months. This is a very important lesson for media types trying to figure out what to do in a time of accelerating market fluxuation, especially television stations. The Internet divisions of most dealers are driving growth for the dealerships. That means there’s a market for providing predisposed eyeballs to a dealer’s Website, something stations could easily accomplish with their Web properties. This is crucial for an industry whose revenue comes largely (20% on average) from automobile dealers.

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