Attention Movable Type users

There’s been quite a kafluffle this holiday weekend in tech circles involving blogs that use Movable Type. I have no hard data on this, but it’s possible hundreds of thousands of blogs have been affected.

My clients use Movable Type, so this has been a bit of a 3‑day nightmare. Internal Server Errors (500) kept showing up when updating certain files. In the beginning, we couldn’t post new entries and comments were all screwed up.

After considerable investigation, it turns out not to be a Movable Type problem but one that originates with Cpanel, the most widely used webhosting front end management tool for hosting companies. The company moved an automatic update of two modules overnight on the 30th that Movable Type was not able to handle. Throughout the weekend, geeks all over the place have been downgrading the modules to rescue the blogs.

This is, of course, fine for bloggers with dedicated servers or with a friendly hosting company, but not so with others. Most hosting companies would rather keep the upgrade than mess with it for the sake of a few bloggers. In the end, Six Apart will have to come up with a patch of some sort, because the same thing will happen again when Cpanel moves another upgrade.

For anybody who cares, here’s the solution.

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