Attention, local broadcasters! (again)

Attention, local broadcasters! (again)
A new Borrell Associates report to be released tomorrow shows that local Internet ad spending in 210 markets will increase by a whopping 28.7 percent. The increase is twice the growth rate of overall Internet advertising.

We are projecting strong growth in virtually all U.S. cities. We are also seeing some very aggressive — even startling — revenue projections for local Internet operations that are the beneficiaries of this growth. Some newspaper and TV operations are projecting 80% to 100% increases in Internet revenues for 2004.
This is a significant report for broadcasters, because it reveals the size of the pie, market-by-market. Moreover, local online ad spending is projected to hit $2.7 billion, and that’s not chicken feed. Someday, broadcasters will get it — that the real growth opportunities they have are not over-the-air, but online.

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