Attention broadcasters! Here’s how it’s done.

My business partner Steve Safran and I are often asked to demonstrate models of what “works” in terms of online television. Here’s a terrific model that came back into my focus during the CompUSA business: CNET TV.


This is a terrific model of online television. CNet knows its audience and serves them original programming in a slick environment that is filled with choices and extremely user-friendly. No “repurposed” video here; it’s all customized for the niche they serve.

And I’ll tell you what, it’s pretty darned good, too.


  1. very cool, but where’s the 7 day forecast? the coupons? mgmt. bios? and those :30 pre-rolls i read that i prefer?

    still needs some work.

  2. Thomas Jefferson says

    Don’t forget the Mount Rushmore of anchor heads!

    .…Must .…have …branding!!!

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