At war with our viewers

So ABC, ESPN and Cox Cable are banding together for a VOD package that includes the inability of consumers to skip the commercials. If we’re going to unbundle our programming, I’m all for attaching marketing to it as a way to pay for the products, but if technology can be created to disable fast-forwarding, technology can be created to enable it.

At best, this may slow down a part of the disruption, but the 30-second ad paradigm is over. And until we come up with its replacement, we’re going to find ourselves in the unenviable position of fighting with those we wish to attract the most — our viewers.


  1. Hmm, let’s see.

    The video portion must be able to go to a TV at some point. I assume that the signal can go through a downconverter for display on a standard TV … they can’t require us to buy HDTV’s yet can they?

    So just dump the downconverted signal to a home built standard def PVR like Beyond TV, record the VOD, then view how you want. True, it’d be standard def … but at least I have control.

    I can see some scripts combined with an IR blaster being used to control the VOD selection too.

    Yeah, they’re gonna spend millions on this just to learn what the term “end run” means.

  2. I have been wondering why the TV screen is not being utilized like a computer screen?

    Why stop a program to advertise?

    I have noticed that a lot of shows are starting to incorporate products into the show and then at then end tell you where you can buy them, I like that.

    And tickers are being used for weather alerts, upcoming programs etc… Why not use that space for ads during the show. And if possible make it contextual, where the as on the screen correlates somehow to the program scene?

  3. They already do David. It’s called NASCAR! : )

  4. And as a Nascar fan I get it, and I like it better than all the 30 second spots.

  5. You and me too brother …

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