Are bloggers self-important?

Are bloggers self-important?
Looking back is a standard media game this time of year. The stories are generally regarded as “filler” to provide content when everybody’s on vacation. I did more than my share in 28 years in TV News. Over the next week, every news outlet in the business will present these things, and they can be both entertaining and informative. The first one comes from the folks at Editor&Publisher online, “2003 in Review: The Year’s Most Significant Press Issues.” The top issue for the press was the Iraq war, “the press fails to adequately explore the facts behind Bush administration claims on the existence of weapons of mass destruction and alleged Saddam Hussein links to 9/11.” Of the 16 issues noted, two involve New Media. The editors note that broadband is expanding, so more newspaper sites are offering multimedia. This is an important trend for TV stations to watch, because the Internet undercuts their advantage as video news providers. The editors also point to the growth of blogging, but it’s interesting to note that they do so negatively.

Blah, blah, Blogs: Probably the most hyped online development in 2003 (along with growth in site registration), but will these self-important online journals actually change the way newspapers do journalism on the Web?
Well, sir or ma’am, the answer is most certainly yes. Oh, and I do hope you were smiling when you looked down your nose on this one.

Don’t you just love people on pedestals making judgments about self-importance? Sour grapes, methinks, and a fearful reaction of the media élite.

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