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Here’ the link to the latest newsletter. Today, Steve and I look at the iPhone and offer our analysis. There’s also some fascinating information from Bear Stearns on the power of aggregation. Enjoy.


  1. “wax the car”


    always enjoy reading your newsletter, but the whole idea of WAXING A CAR???

    kinda gives away (y)our ages.

  2. I got my first Mac at age 8 (one of the adorable little 512K mac-in-the-box ones…no, I’m not old! I’m not even 30!). I’ve never owned a non-Mac computer. I work with people who don’t know that the white cords dangling from my ears are a tech gadget and not a birth defect. If Steve Jobs turned out to be the biblical Antichrist and was offering little Apple logos in the forehead or on the right hand, I’d have a serious dilemma on my hands. In other words, I am a poster girl for the Apple cult. 🙂

    And the AT&T deal is more than enough reason for me not to get an iPhone. Cingular/AT&T sucks. I had them as a cell phone carrier in 2001, and their customer service sucks, their tech support sucks, and the memories of all the frustration haven’t even faded. Life is too f@#$ing short.

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