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Here’ the link to the latest newsletter. Today, Steve and I look at the iPhone and offer our analysis. There’s also some fascinating information from Bear Stearns on the power of aggregation. Enjoy.


  1. http://! says

    “wax the car”


    always enjoy reading your newsletter, but the whole idea of WAXING A CAR???

    kinda gives away (y)our ages.

  2. http://Holly says

    I got my first Mac at age 8 (one of the adorable little 512K mac‐in‐the‐box ones…no, I’m not old! I’m not even 30!). I’ve never owned a non‐Mac computer. I work with people who don’t know that the white cords dangling from my ears are a tech gadget and not a birth defect. If Steve Jobs turned out to be the biblical Antichrist and was offering little Apple logos in the forehead or on the right hand, I’d have a serious dilemma on my hands. In other words, I am a poster girl for the Apple cult. 🙂

    And the AT&T deal is more than enough reason for me not to get an iPhone. Cingular/AT&T sucks. I had them as a cell phone carrier in 2001, and their customer service sucks, their tech support sucks, and the memories of all the frustration haven’t even faded. Life is too f@#$ing short.

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