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The latest newsletter has been uploaded. New Borrell numbers, winning weather, and Seth Godin on whether we really need a “home page.”


  1. great…as always

    thanks guys

  2. On the mobile stuff — I would stand in line for the privilege of signing up to get a text message every day telling me the high and low temperatures and the percentage chance of rain. I would let the local weathergeeks send me a text message ad every day to “pay” for it. Maybe even more than one (although in that case, it would need to be something I volunteered for specifically, like “bookstores” or whatever.)

    Last month, I used 1,814 text messages. I would be happy to let the local news people in if they can give me something useful that doesn’t insult my intelligence (our local NBC station did a story a month or so ago — no joke — on how dangerous it is to get hit by a car.)

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