Appreciation is one of life’s greatest rewards

To say I enjoyed the BlogNashville experience is an understatement. To quote Rex Hammock, it was a delightful meeting “with old friends, most of whom I was just meeting for the first time.”

It is truly amazing how well you can get to know a good blogger by his or her blog. Ed Cone, for example, is in person exactly as he is on his blog. Same with Dave Winer, Chris Nolan, J.D. Lasica, Rebecca MacKinnon, and others. Not much has been written about this, but I think it’s terribly important, because a writer’s core person is easily revealed through this medium.

I was stunned by the number of people who came up to me and introduced themselves as readers of this blog. It is a very humbling thing to meet people who not only read but seem to appreciate what I’m saying. As I told the conference, I blog for me and not necessarily for an “audience,” so this is most rewarding.

I was reminded of a scene from a movie that describes a part of my inner core. The film is “Crossroads” starring Ralph “Karate Kid” Macchio as a wannabe blues guitar player who goes on a journey to Mississippi with an old blues harmonica player named Willy Brown. It’s pouring down rain outside their motel room. Ralph’s character is on the bed playing the blues and old Willy is sitting at a table and drinking whiskey.

“Lots of towns,” he says, “lots of songs, lots of women. Good times. Bad times. All he ever wanted to hear anybody say was, ‘He was good. He could really play.’ ”

How does one establish a value when someone tells you that you can really play?

I am forever grateful for your kind words.

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