AP changes its RSS strategy

What a shock! The feeds now take you to AP stories from member Websites, not the AP Website. When they launched RSS a couple of weeks ago, links went directly to the AP site, and that had get the bile going in the stomachs of members.

I believe their feed software is grabbing the IP address of the end user to deliver a regional member site, but I can’t prove that.


UPDATE: Susan Mernit (who works with AP) emails: “This was their intention all along–to be able to geotarget the IP addresses and attach to the closest partner site..it’s just turned on now. They never planned it any other way.”

Thanks, Susan.


  1. Terry, I can’t replicate what you’re doing, so perahps it is, indeed, IP address related — or perhaps it is cookie related. If one is registered on an AP member site and has provided zipcode info, it could provide the necessary information for a redirect…I guess.

  2. I am not proficient in matters of cookies and IP addresses, but perhaps one of you guys will make something of this: I am in Huntsville, AL. I am using a brand-new browser (I had to reinstall) and I presume I have no cookies (because the sites I typically visit that recognize me, like amazon and a few discussion boards, are making me login again).

    Using the AP RSS feeds, I get directed to sites in Tennessee 4 times out of 5. The other is Oklahoma almost every time.

    Like I said, maybe one of you people know what it means.

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