Anti-Nielsen meeting set

That hastily-called meeting of ad and media execs over the Nielsen commercial ratings is set for September 21st. Crack NBC President of Research and Media Development Alan Wurtzel (“Frankly what we’re seeing strains credulity.”) is one of the organizers, so we know the networks aren’t happy with having commercials measured. Nielsen has been invited to discuss the issues of concern to the group, especially methodology, but there’s no word yet on whether they’ll be attending.

I feel sorry for Nielsen CEO Susan Whiting and her staff, because there’s just no way they can satisfy the blue smoke and mirrors desires of traditional television advertising while adapting to the precision of new media, including broadband video. This tactic by Wurtzel and his group is diversionary at best — and I suppose necessary to keep the ship afloat a few more years. Eventually, however, we’re going to get to reliable third-party data that doesn’t need expert interpretation.

Hmm. Alan can’t like that very much.

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