Another warning about newspapers

Another warning about newspapers
To my television station contemporaries, I told you so. This article in the online Editor & Publisher ought to make every TV station owner shiver. The issue is video news, even live video, on newspaper Websites. Attendees at the Online News Association gathering this weekend heard predictions from newspaper executives that it will happen quicker than anybody might expect: next year.

Leonard Apcar, editor in chief of The New York Times on the Web, suggested the 2004 presidential election could be, for online video, one of those tipping points that propels a brand-new news delivery technology — and newspapers had better seize the day.

“Video is actually coming,” Apcar said. “We have a moment in front of us in which news Web sites can capture a significant market and make real strides … Video as a story-telling device can no longer be ignored –especially by newspaper-oriented sites — or downplayed.”

Pushing this perceived demand for video delivery are two big technological trends: the ubiquity of high-speed Internet access in offices and its rapid spread among home users, plus the development of ever more easy-to-use multimedia reporting devices.

All of this sounds terribly familiar. Has Apcar been reading TV News in a Postmodern World? Hmm.

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