And now, a pause for bragging

I love the NCAA Tournament. I’ve usually done pretty well at office pools, because I pay attention to a few important factors in making selections. How is the team playing lately? What’s the “fate factor?” (an intuitive rating based on intangibles like history, coach, leaders, and, most importantly, the team “story.”)

I’m doing exceptionally well this year. I have 13 of the Sweet Sixteen teams left, having called such winners as UW-Milwaukee, Wisconsin, NC State, Utah and Michigan State. And I’m especially happy with where I am in the ESPN Tournament Challenge.

The ESPN contest is in its tenth year and is filled with people who are obsessed with college basketball, office pools and people like myself. There are millions of entries, and my bracket is ranked 4554.

Let the whole world read these words: I am (almost) the KING!! And the cool part is I get to brag about it all week!

Of course, the big points are yet to come, so my bragging may be short-lived. Who cares?


  1. You think because you got lucky on a couple of picks, as did everyone else in the ESPN tournament, that you’re THE KING??? Grow up — there’s more to life than basketball.

  2. Your team lost, eh? (Nyuck, nyuck)

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