And I once felt sorry for her


In a story about her appearance at Kansas State University Friday, the Topeka Capital-Journal looks at what former New York Times investigative reporter Judith Miller (who spent 85 days in jail for refusing to reveal a source in the Valerie Plame case) thinks of the blogosphere.

The blurring of entertainment and news and the relaxing of journalistic standards can be seen in online bloggers who are critical of people without giving them an opportunity to respond or who don’t post corrections when they learn that what they have posted is wrong, she said.

“I’m worried about bloggers,” she said. “(A post) starts as a rumor and within 24 hours it’s repeated as fact.”

While she advocates a federal shield law to protect mainstream journalists from divulging their sources, she doesn’t favor extending that to bloggers who don’t follow the standards and ethnics of the journalism industry.

Still, she wouldn’t restrict a blogger’s right to publish online. She said some bloggers have been invaluable in uncovering government flaws.

“I’m glad to welcome them as long as they agree to the standards,” she said.

This is the kind of contempt prior to investigation that makes it impossible to have a fair discussion with mainstreamers about the value of the blogosphere. Rather than throwing flame bomb generalizations such as the “rumor” quote above, why doesn’t she give us chapter and verse? And who has the right to determine the standards upon which journalists must abide?

This is so old, but just when I think the argument is over, stuff like this appears again. Feh.


  1. “Mainstreamers” seems to have a contagious myopia. I’m sure Scooter Libby would look at Ms. Miller’s commitment to her journalistic “standards” as a violation of his constitutional rights. Ms. Miller would scoff at such a suggestion. But here’s my point. For Ms. Miller to assume everyone believes her 85 days in jail were a pallete on which the brush of journalistic heroism was applied is as myopic as painting every blogger with the brush of rumor-monger.

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