Anchor blogs bring viewers into their lives

At WKRN-TV in Nashville, just about everybody blogs, including morning anchor Heather Orne and her husband, Prime Time anchor Neil Orne. Neil was one of the first bloggers at the station, and Heather joined him just a few months later.

Heather is nine months pregnant, and they’ve been using their blogs to let viewers in on the progress of her pregnancy. Page views, as you can imagine, have skyrocketed.

On Wednesday, Heather was involved in a little fender bender, and it scared the crap out of everybody, including the driver of the other car. You see, he’s a fan and has been following Heather’s condition.

Neil posted a picture of the two cars stuck together. Here is Heather’s blog.

Do yourself a favor and read the comments. Then ask yourself why your anchors aren’t blogging.


  1. ok, i skimmed ’em all. momof3under6 has the most informative, yet disgusting, yet truthful comment.

    only thing i would recommend to an expectant parent is COTTON DIAPERS. lots of extra work, but my son is now in a top ten college.

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