An open letter to Kelly Goode and 9thXchange

Dear Kelly (or whatever),

I’ve deleted the comment you left on my blog, because I don’t run ads.

Yours is a clever and growing piece of spam nastiness than I find repugnant. I can’t prove it, but my guess is you’re paid by this company to promote their business and place links in the comments of various blogs. You’re knowledgeable enough to write a relevant sentence or two before launching into your ad.

I know other people who do this, and I find the whole business slimy.

Here’s the comment you left on my blog before I deleted it.

Here’s one you left at a blog called Inspire:

And another that you left at TechDirt. This one even features a cut-and-paste of your ad:

Of course, if you want a full display of your work on behalf of this company, you can search Google.

And for those who care, here’s your email, URL and IP address from my WordPress comment section:

Have a nice day, but please don’t come back.




  1. Great Catch!

    Love to see losers caught red handed in the act. I’m sure there is a lot more of these folks out there. This is probably only the beginning.

  2. upon seeing “crain’s detroit” mentioned in one of those other comments you cited i had a weird feeling…

    yup, whois shows this outfit is too located in the detroit metro.

    please know that i have nothing to do with them.


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