An open letter to Eyewonder

Dear Eyewonder,

Eyewonder adPlease remove these irritating rollover ads, before somebody hires a hit man to kill the poor geek depicted in them. I mean, the guy has, well, a face for friggin’ radio, man. Couldn’t you find some cute model to pitch the ads? Why did you select this guy?

Look, nobody’s perfect, but this is an ad, for crying out loud.

These things are worse than bloody pop-ups and reach a level of irritability second only to the rantings of some car dealers who’ll do anything to get noticed. I notice them, all right, and promise never to do business there. Here in Dallas, we have commercials for a dealer that keep screaming “eleven, eight, eighty-eight” over and over again. I think it’s a Kia dealer, but I’m not sure (how’s that for a ringing endorsement of the ad’s effectiveness?).

AUGH! There. I feel better.



  1. terry,
    i agree.
    that is the creepiest rich media ad i have ever seen.
    I HATE that is is staring at me while i read an article.
    while i must give kudos to eyewonder for coming up with an ad unit that you CAN’T ignore, it certainly does cross the line.
    i ALWAYS… immediately… leave the page where i see that ad.

  2. You mean car salesmen like that guy?

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