An ad that works

One of the conclusions I’ve come to over the past few years is that advertising has to stop annoying people in order to be successful, whether it be broadcast, print or online. I agree with Doc Searls, who wrote this week:
Get this straight: When the revolution is over, the only kind of advertising that survives will be the kind customers want. And when it comes, it will bear zero resemblance to the advertising we’ve known and hated for the last hundred years.
That’s why it’s so gratifying to show you the Buick ad on the right from the PGATour’s Website.

Unlike most interactive ads that force you to a pop-up or another Web page, this simply allows you to “play” without any annoyance. If you wish to explore Buick further, you may click again on the ad. It insults no one’s intelligence and leaves a favorable taste in one’s mouth. I only wish more advertisers were smart enough to do things this way.


Clicking the ball animates to the final frame.

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