Ammunition: The HD future is in our hands

Doc Searls (one of my heroes) advances my latest essay with a thoughtful post about the realities of HD resolution and the transmission thereof. He notes that television stations will go all digital in 2009, a proposition that makes them “look to me like anachronisms at birth. Expensive ones, too.” The biggest use of the HD standard, he believes, will be home video, productions shot and edited by everyday people.

He offers a couple of important business ideas that fall under the category of “ammunition:”

Inevitably, some telco is going to discover that symmetrical broadband is the way to compete with cable. Why cant cable go symmetrical? Between DOCSIS, inertia and an inability to imagine any shape other than an asymmetrical one, the cable companies are sitting ducks for anybody coming along with a symmetrical alternative.

The biggest need for symmetrical broadband will be video upload to offsite storage — another good business for the carriers, or anybody, to be in.

Get that, and the ammo market will get huge, fast.

Doc also says some nice things about me, which humbles me more than you can imagine. He ought to be selling “clue sticks,” because he (and David and Chris and Rick) wrote the book.

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