All I really need to know I learned in the blogosphere

  • As a whole, people are smarter than you. It’s okay. Turn the page.
  • The best way to get attention is to give it.
  • Manipulation is the currency of fools.
  • Never underestimate the capacity of fools to act accordingly.
  • If you really need help, ask for it.
  • Anonymity isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.
  • Admitting when you’re wrong helps you more than the other guy.
  • Writing every day is good for the soul.
  • Sharing your insides helps others share theirs.
  • You’re not nearly as important as you think you are.
  • What other people think of you isn’t nearly as important as what you think of yourself.
  • People are like snowflakes, all different, yet all the same.
  • Take what you need for yourself, but leave something behind for the other guy.
  • Never, ever underestimate your right to freedom or the gift of freedom that you have.
  • It’s better to be happy than right.
  • Technology’s greatest gift to humankind is the spellchecker.
  • Standing up for your beliefs “come what may” is better than sitting down in comfort with somebody else’s.
  • Respecting yourself begins with respecting others.
  • If you gain from something somebody else says, tell them.
  • You can’t be a part of something unless you participate.
  • Meeting people at core enhances the sweetness of meeting them in person.
  • Walk away once in awhile, so you always have the energy to come back.
  • Nobody is better than you, but neither is anybody worse.
  • Yesterday’s successes or failures don’t matter much today.
  • Laugh and laugh again, especially at yourself.
  • Nobody’s perfect, not even you. It’s okay. Turn the page.


  1. Great post.

  2. Ditto.

  3. A desiderata for the digirati.

  4. I agree — the blogosphere is like any other community you are a part of. If you think of it as any different, you won’t give or get what you want from it.

  5. nice thoughts. just translated them into german:

  6. Very very nice. Thanks a lot!

  7. I like it! Especially “If you gain from something somebody else says, tell them.” It’s funny how sometimes years later I’ll hear feedback. And I wish I’d known way earlier.

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