Alex Rowland drinks the Kool-Aid

It never fails to bring a smile when people discover the reality of what’s taking place online. Witness the case of Alex Rowland, a super smart entrepreneur from The Bay Area. Alex has written some important stuff on the difference between open and closed distribution system, and his blog is in my RSS reader.

Today, he writes about how he’s been sucked into niche media and what it means for his future.

I’ve always understood that there was an enormous market in niche media, but I always felt that it was for people other than me. Well, three months later I realize that it is less about the quality of niche sources (although it has great exceeded my expectations) and more about the process of finding them…Sure, I would stumble upon a few small Web sites, but for the most part I was the guy that was sticking to the 15 bookmarks.

Today I review 100 odd feeds using Bloglines (including a dozen or so tag-based feeds through I have become a full fledged consumer of niche media. The amazing thing is that I have almost entirely drifted away from mass media on the Web. Most of my online experience is reading various sources with fewer than 1,000 subscribers in Bloglines.

RSS has completely changed Alex’s media life, as it did mine several years ago. We’re on the edge of video distribution via RSS (Rocketboom), and that, too, will be life-changing, especially as the technology improves.

But you already knew that, right?

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