Al Jazeera Correction

Folly Bah ThibaultPlease note I have updated the piece below on Al Jazeera to correctly identify the brilliant work of news anchor Folly Bah‐Thibault. I mistakenly identified her as Lauren Taylor. It can be difficult to understand who is speaking during this coverage, largely because Al Jazeera emphasizes content over the presenters, something I find terribly refreshing. I apologize for the error.

How long before somebody in the U.S. offers her a bundle to do her thing here? The only problem would be she actually expresses point‐of‐view. Tsk‐tsk.


  1. http://Ron%20Stitt says

    what do you mean re; p.o.v.? Seems to me we all crossed that bridge a long time ago, for better and/or worse.

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