Advertising in a Postmodern world

Advertising in a Postmodern world
Jeff Jarvis has a great post today on The Buzzmachine that nails the matter of advertising’s bewilderment with the Internet.

Media and advertising have always been about relationships but in media not built for relationships because they were only one way: the big we has a relationship with the little you and not vice versa.
This is the first medium actually built for relationships, two-way, about listening and not just talking.
The ad industry and the brands they sell still can’t quite figure out how to use that; they still want to talk to. But once they do figure it out — and we’ll help them — they’ll be in heaven.
Jeff’s a very clear thinker on the whole subject of interactivity, and he’s right on this one. Every “big we” institution — and that includes all my television news colleagues — has no choice but to get off their pedestals. We’re in a new world, folks. People are fed up with being treated like dummies, despite what your research might tell you.

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