Advertisers to bail on Web 2.0? Um, no.

A new study by UK web testing firm SciVisum predicts the end of Web 2.0 in 2008, but the logic misses the mark.

According to Deri Jones, CEO of SciVisum, “Consumers and companies will continue to adopt a nomadic attitude towards web 2.0 websites, flocking to the ‘next big thing’ until the market becomes so saturated that consumers will actually be turned off.”

Or not.

From the SciVisum press release:

SciVisum cites the main drivers for Web 2.0’s decline as the exponential growth in the number of User Generated Content (UGC) websites facing a backlash from cautious advertisers not wanting their brand to appear in front of unsuitable content.

And this is why I completely disagree with the prediction. The view is from a purely Media 1.0 perspective and discounts the reality that advertising is content in the sweeping world of Media 2.0.

Social media (the definition of “Web 2.0”) is what the Web is really all about, so to suggest that it will die because advertisers won’t support it is, well, naïve. On the contrary, I think it’s going to reach a new level with the ability to aggregate profiles and interaction from any number of social sites. I’m on MySpace, Facebook, Linked In and others, and you can count on somebody to put those together for me.

Social networking doesn’t require money. Hell, you can build a social site for free with Ning. It requires passion and people of a like mind on any subject.

So to suggest that its demise will come from advertisers not wanting their brands associated with user‐generated content is ridiculous. That suggestion speaks more about the state of advertising than what will or won’t happen with Web 2.0.

(hat tip to Duncan at TechCrunch)

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