Accenture: Advertising shifting to performance-based

If you need more evidence of where we’re headed, take a look at a new Accenture study out this morning, “The Future of Digital Advertising: a Rigorous Focus on Performance.”

Advertising to become more performance based

From the report:

At a macro level, the industry is facing a zero-sum game: advertising dollars will migrate to where they are most effective. At a micro level, those players who fail to respond to market demand will suffer. But the underlying change will be a greater ability on the part of advertisers to reallocate their advertising investment more responsively in line with performance. As a result, those that really do deliver the right performance will — quite rightly — win out.

This is just the latest blow to those who’ve staked their business futures on the reach-frequency game, the people who count page views as the top metric of value. They’re not, and while there are still plenty of people with lots of money to spend on it, the smart media company will pursue other avenues as well.

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