A venue for a rock star

I don’t write much about politics, because I tend to get myself into trouble. I can’t keep silent, however, about Barack Obama’s decision to move his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention next month from the 21-thousand seat Pepsi Center (where the rest of the convention will be held) to the 79-thousand seat Invesco Field, home of the Denver Broncos. Is there any doubt left that Obama is the rock star candidate?

The move is going to be expensive for the networks, but the pictures that will be transmitted will send a powerful message to the rest of America and the world beyond. The guy can draw a crowd.

The question is do we want a rock star for President? We’ve had an actor, a sex addict, and a Vaudevillian Act in there recently, so why not a rock star? America sends rock stars to stadiums around the globe, so why not let that image be our President?

We’ll have the drug overdose tent, man, the porta-pottys and the jackboot security teams, as the masses gather on the hillside one day waiting for a Woodstockian nirvana to descend upon the park. Reminds me of the day, man. Reminds me of the day.

The Obama “Change we can believe in” tour: coming to a stadium near you, fall of 2008.

Sigh. My age is showing.


  1. Hmmm. I think Bill Clinton was a rock star president, appearing on MTV. Kennedy could have also been considered a rock star. Look at how his death still affects Dallas, TX.

    And if Obama is a rock star, which rock star would he be? He’s cerebral, a former law professor gifted with rhetorical skills. Springsteen? Dylan? Bono? Certainly not Brittney Spears or Justin Timberlake. 🙂

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