A shock. The media is “disconnected.”

A shock. The media is “disconnected.“
The media in California missed the voter anger that helped oust Gov. Gray Davis, according to the executive editor of the San Jose Mercury News. “We — the media — are increasingly disconnected from what people are talking about,” Susan Goldberg told journalists Wednesday at the Associated Press Managing Editors association’s annual conference. “I’m not sure exactly what to do to solve it.” Goldberg’s refreshing admission is reported in a story in today’s sfgate.com. She told the group her paper did everything they could think of to connect with their readers, but, “I think somehow we have ended up over there with the status quo,” Journalists will have to find a new way to cover politics or they’ll lose readers, she said.

Dear Susan,

The media IS the status quo. You can re-package it all you want, but a Postmodern world sees through it. If you want your readers to connect with you, get them involved in your paper. You see, it’s hard to see what’s going on in the real world when you’re completely wrapped up in your own.

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