A new form of entertainment

Daniel Davenport has been producing video content online since 1995 and currently works for the interactive marketing firm THINK Inc, in Atlanta. He also maintains the blog thinkd2c.blogspot.com, and this is one very creative fellow. Let me show you something that has pretty significant implications for the future.

This is a spoof. It’s not real. Go to this blog and scroll down to the entry titled “New Project (Start here!).” Navigate your way up through the various entries and be prepared to be fully entertained along the way.

What you’re likely not to notice — unless I point it out — are the numerous product placement ads mixed in with the ongoing story. This is not only clever but, I think, an acceptable form of advertising within an entertainment project. I’ve had this discussion with a major ad exec, and he wasn’t as bullish on the idea as I was. This creative effort by Daniel suggests that we are right and he was wrong.

More importantly, it was easy to do. “Its a phở‐blog with fictional characters,” Daniel told me in an email. “It memejumps a current conspiracy theory running wild on the net. I shot it over 4 weekends and it cost about $500 in beer and pizza.” So once again, we have ideas bubbling up from the bottom that will capture the imagination of users and spawn countless others. Call me a nut, but I think this is a new form of entertainment.

Congrats to Daniel and his friends. BTW, I love the word “memejump,” and I’ll be looking for ways to use it in a sentence real soon.


  1. Hey Terry

    Thanks so much for your kind words. It was a fun experiment and I hope that people see it as a new method for organizing entertainment and advertising.

    Also — if anyone has information on Bill Taylor’s where‐a‐bouts please contact the Atlanta police immediately!


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