A lesson from Miley Cyrus on personal media

Regular readers know I’m a fan of J.D. Lasica’s term “personal media revolution” to describe the reality that anybody can be a media company using the disruptive technology of the Web. He first used the phrase in his important book, Darknet, Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation,” and it was appropriate, for Hollywood stands for control — control of content, control of people, control of message, control of everything. People have played the game Hollywood’s way for a very long time, but all of that — yes, ALL of that — is changing. Here’s a great example.

Miley Cyrus is a teenage superstar, and as such, she’s fair game for the Hollywood way, which includes using the publicity machine to fight the tabloids. It’s been that way since gossip columnists first came on the scene.

But the personal media revolution puts tools in her hands — remarkably simple to use tools — that allow her to fight back a different way, and that’s to go directly to the public with her own media. She has a YouTube channel for this and last night took on the tabloids all by herself. Take a look, if you’re interested.

The real beauty of this is that anybody can do the same thing, and that includes individuals and organizations. Hell, it even includes advertisers.

We’re just beginning to understand the value of all of this, and I need to always be reminding myself, so I’ll never take it for granted.

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