A futuristic manifesto

Every once in awhile something comes along that epitomizes the phrase “must read.” This wonderful set of predictions by author, VC and futurist Geoffrey Moore falls into that category. I think he is spot-on in every one of his “Top Ten Truths about the Digital Ecosystem.” Here’s number four:

4. Everything is media. While advertising will not pay for everything, everything will become a potential opportunity to advertise. This means that at least some technology adoption life cycles can be short-circuited by providing the disruptive innovation for free.

If advertising is the default funder of digital offers, then consumption is the ultimate paradigm. Over time people and cultures will weary of this, and socially constructed content will become more pervasive as an escape from constantly being pitched.

So powerful is this set of “truths” that it could function as a downstream manifesto for anybody in the media world thinking about the digital tomorrow. Don’t miss it.

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