A free idea for the networks

If I had the connections, here’s what I’d recommend the networks do in the age of youTube:

Follow the lead of the airlines when online travel agencies first began to proliferate and develop a single platform (Orbitz, for the uneducated) from which people can download or view your unbundled offerings. This would require, God help us, coöperation between the nets, but at least they wouldn’t get picked apart by outsiders who understand that people don’t want to hop from here to there to look at videos that they “should” be able to get in one place.

“Channels” don’t work on the internet. Filters and aggregators do, because time is the new currency. The networks — and heck, local broadcasters too — are bound up in archaic notions that ownership of infrastructure is the money tree, so they want to transfer that to the internet. The problem is that their broadcast brands are just that, and people don’t give a hoot that one has a better web portal than the next. They want convenience, and as long as upstart start-ups like youTube give it to them, the network portals don’t stand a chance.

So, all you network suits in New York or wherever you are, here’s your opportunity to save face AND meet the needs of the people who are really in charge. You can’t say nobody told you anymore.


  1. But Terry don’t people want to go from site to site so they can “tag” items? I know I love spending my free time tagging video, blogs, what all. If it were in one place my tagging would not have the same urgency. I think the networks are just helping people fill up all their free time so they don’t get bored.

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