A few days away from everybody (or not)

I board a “big old jet airliner” early in the morning to visit old stomping grounds in Honolulu. It’s mostly a vacation, but I’ll be doing some workshops for a client. I need this time. Hawaii brings peace to my soul, and there’s no place like it on earth.

I’ll be visiting with old friends, hanging out and shopping. It’s a short trip; I’ll return on Monday. I hope to post a little bit, so keep in touch.

The weather’s pretty crappy, but I don’t care a bit. I’m long past the sun tanning days, and I’ll be very happy with a plate lunch, a cup of Kona coffee, and the spectacular views.

When I worked out there (KGMB-TV 89&90), I got to know Governor John Waihee a bit and asked him, as a native Hawaiian, how he managed to not take all that beauty for granted. “I take dignitaries around,” he told me, “and see the amazement in their eyes.”

These old eyes are looking forward to it.

Aloha for now.


  1. “the weather’s pretty crappy.”

    you’d prefer 7–10″ of snow like we’re suppose to see? now that’s c‑r-a-p-p‑y!

    enjoy the plate lunch!

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