2009: The Great Beginning

Here’s the latest in my ongoing essay series about reinventing local media, Local Media in a Postmodern World.

2009: The Great Beginning

Unlike previous years, where I’ve set down my thoughts about what the year ahead will be like — with specificity — I’ve chosen this year to look at a much bigger picture. Consequently, you won’t find dire predictions from me. I’m leaving that to everybody else, for I think 2009 will be remembered as a year when real change blossomed, and I view that with only positive eyes. So I think it’s more important that we look farther downstream than the year ahead, for if 2009 is truly the great beginning, then what’s beyond next year, and what are the foundational elements that we need to be considering for sustainable growth? This, it seems to me, is what demands our attention, not dwelling on what has transpired or doom and gloom prophecies.

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